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WOMAD in Northern Ireland

Beyond Skin (Northern Ireland's largest Intercultural Arts organization) in partnership with the WOMAD Foundation & WOMAD Ltd have planned & launched a four year Education Programme through workshops, showcase events & festivals involving schools, youth & adult groups across Northern Ireland.
WOMAD - World of Music Arts & Dance, now in its 33rd year, having hosted festivals and education programmes in twenty-six countries - is considered as the pioneer of multicultural festivals, representing the highest standard of international arts. Rock Icon Peter Gabriel is the co-founder of WOMAD.

Beyond Skin having an impressive 11 year track record for innovation in developing & delivering creative diversity & global education projects. WOMAD representing the highest calibre and authentic representation of international arts globally. Combined, this creates the most ambitious & exhilarating community relations intercultural arts programme to come to our shores that will contribute to developing a more peaceful, equal and inclusive society.
“From the very first WOMAD in 1982, children have been fundamental to the vision of WOMAD and from the outset the WOMAD Foundation has been bringing the magic of the festival into the classroom, entertaining and inspiring thousands of children. The students and their teachers have discovered all sorts of music art and dance from all over the world, in a wonderful and very personal way.There are few moments that are as vivid or enjoyable as when the kids, themselves, become a part of the sounds, traditions and colours of another culture.If we truly want a world full of global citizens, we have to start bringing the world inside the classroom.” Peter Gabriel

The Creative Legacy

From the initial Belfast City Council Peace III £16,000 investment in January 2013, the WOMAD in Northern Ireland outreach programme has blossomed expanding to 13 council districts.

Come the end of 2014 we have...

Hosted 350 workshops
Including 6 large showcase events
Provided paid employment to over 50 professionals & artists
Over 3,200 people have been involved
Over 500 people learned an artistic skill

Along the way...

WOMAD brought communities together
WOMAD empowered young people
WOMAD raised local confidence
WOMAD helped people gain a greater understanding & respect of world cultures

That's what we consider to be the definition of a legacy!

In 2015 we're expanding the programme even further. With the arrival of the WOMAD Foundation to our shores...dare we also mention the possibility of...a festival?

To get your school or youth/community group involved call +44(0)78 77756987 or email womadni@gmail.com

This website will be the hub for all events past and present within this 4 year plan. We'll be showing you photos, films, press releases, testimonials and so much more from every workshop, showcase event and festivals that have happened, are in the making and an insight into the bigger things which lie ahead.

There's already a huge buzz and even more excitement for what lies ahead...so join us on this unique, wonderful journey! We invite and welcome you! There are other WOMAD websites all over the world - from the UK to New Zealand. If you are not familiar with who and what WOMAD is - you soon will and you'll be stunned at what an amazing concept it is! You can follow @WOMADBelfast on Twitter - which links in with all tweets within the WOMAD stratosphere!
WOMAD have found an excellent partner in Beyond Skin to work with us in delivering our shared goals of using the Arts to challenge children & young people's prejudices & unlocking the creative spark within. Understanding the world as a single global community has never been more important than it is now, wherever you are. WOMAD looks forward to this being the start of a long term partnership in Belfast leading to a festival event in the near future.” Chris Smith, WOMAD Director
WOMAD is a brand recognised the world over for its contribution not only to world music, but also to promoting education, community development & cultural understanding & we are extremely proud to be bring their work & ethos to Northern Ireland.” Darren Ferguson, Manger Beyond Skin